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Extra Cherry Old Fashioned

a classic old fashioned cocktail

The weather has taken a turn for the worse – rather cold and snowy but with beautiful, bright skies, so I suppose I can’t complain. When it gets like this, when winter really starts to settles in, I find that I am drawn to warming drinks. I almost always have a coffee in my hand, and tea is my usual midday or early evening go-to beverage. But if things are more celebratory, or more dire, it can be nice to imbibe the warming spirit of, well, spirits. (more…)

Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

Quick Bourbon CherriesI’m not a big drinker, (despite the numerous cocktail recipes on this blog). When it comes to cocktails, I’m often just as enamored by the garnish as I am the drink. Martini? I’ll take 6 olives. A Gibson? Gimme all the little onions. An Old Fashioned? Just leave me the jar of Maraschino cherries. Yes, you read that right. I love those artificially red, sugar soaked fake flavoured cherries in the glowing red syrup. I know they are probably pure poison but they are so cheery and classic and they make that last sip of a cold drink so perfect. What could be better? Honestly, these Bourbon Cocktail Cherries out do the store bought kind every time. They aren’t glowingly red, their syrup isn’t painfully sweet, and their flavour is much more complex. Drowned in Bourbon and aromatics, they are packed with a punch that will stand up to the deepest of brown liquors, as well as a fruitiness that is most welcome. (more…)

Thanksgiving Favorites

Here it is, all of our very favorite Thanksgiving recipes in one place. These are tried, tested, and true family favorites that are easy, crowd pleasing and delicious. Whether you make one of them or all of them, they are likely to become instant classics at your family’s holiday table. Click the picture for the recipe! Enjoy!



Strawberry Tiramisu

Anyone in a creative field will tell you that it’s easy to get caught up in the thoughts and feelings that everything you think of has already been done. It’s a pervasive thought and one that can take over if you let it. The reality is, most things have been done and that’s okay, because if you haven’t done them, then it’s still something new that you’re contributing. Your lens, so to speak, gives a feeling and voice to creative things that no one else can. It’s certainly something I grapple with from time to time but you can’t let it dampen your desire to create, design, make, and share. I love Tiramisu, full stop. I love coffee desserts, as you know if this isn’t your first time here, but I also cannot resist the siren call of fresh strawberries in early summer. I did a recipe round up featuring strawberries a few years ago and I have since added several other recipes. So when the idea struck me to do a tiramisu/strawberry shortcake type dessert, I abandoned the classic coffee component, and instead looked to herbal tea to make a juicy, summery Strawberry Tiramisu. It’s an irresistible dessert and it’s also impossible to resist calling it Tea-ramisu. (more…)

Grain Free Granola

 This is a recipe I have been making for quite some time. I started playing around with Grain Free Granola (or Nut-Nola as we call it) when I was trying out the Whole 30 and paying significant attention to grains and carbs in general. I have done the Whole 30 several times, it’s more stringent than I want to be on an on going basis, but I frequently still use recipes that are compliant to that plan and it was a great learning experience for listening to my body and understanding what it wants and what it does not.

In the end this recipe is not Whole 30 compliant at all but is a nutritious alternative to most commercial granolas because it has no added fat and minimal added sugar in the form of maple syrup.

Possibly what I love most about this recipe is how easy it is to make. So easy in fact, that it’s just become part of my Sunday routine: make a batch for the week, or maybe two if I feel like sharing. No one says no to a jar of this crunchy mix, especially considering its versatility: have it on yogurt, eat it out of hand like trail mix, have it with cold or hot milk, or sprinkle it into cookies or muffins. It’s a great go-to snack to have ready to go.

Let’s make some Nut-Nola! (more…)