Bacon Wrapped Tomatoes

I cannot wait until our tomatoes in the garden are ripe.

When they are, there will be more than we can eat, more than enough to give away and tomatoes on our plate almost every night of the week. Until then, I’ll settle for the hothouse variety and occasionally wrap them in bacon and roast them on the BBQ.

Did your head just explode?

I thought so.

Have you been cooking and eating in the yard/on the balcony yet? It’s been a bit cool and drizzly here, but every dry evening, even if it means slipping on a sweater and having a fire in the fire pit, we have been out in the yard grilling, weeding, drinking and eating. It will be so nice when the evenings are balmy and bright, but until then, we’ll make believe and summons the warm weather with persistent grilling and chilled rosé. Rain clouds be damned!

There’s no recipe here, just start with fresh, ripe tomatoes (I like to use the ‘cocktail’ size, on the vine) and wrap each one with a slice of your favourite bacon. An optional grind of fresh black pepper and you’re good to grill. Place them in a shallow metal pan and cook them for about 25 minutes in a hot BBQ alongside your steak or chicken. Drain them on paper towel and allow them to cool slightly – they will be molten inside!

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