Blackberry Smash

Blackberry Smash

It’s deadly hot out. Even out of the city, as we are this weekend, it’s hot. Admittedly the weekend, as documented on Instagram @beesarebest, has been spent mostly like this:

There has been no real effort put into anything, other than the making of a lot of sandwiches and the packing of coolers and rolling up of towels for the beach. Other than that it’s all naps and sunshine with some drinks and laughs and berry picking thrown in for good measure. This Blackberry Smash includes all the things I love about summer in one glass: gin, blackberries, fresh herbs and lemon and lots of ice. I literally can’t think of a more delicious drink to whip up to beat the heat with. We’ve talked blackberries before  as well as fruit + herbs and herbs in cocktails so this drink should be less of a revelation and more of an affirmation that summer is a gorgeous season to eat and drink and that getting out of the house, and out of your usual patterns is good for you. Doing so with a Blackberry Smash in hand is an even better idea.

I’m going to get back to doing very little (and loving every minute of it) but I do hope you make and enjoy this drink – even if you leave out the gin or sub in vodka, it’s a treat. Stay cool, happy summer, enjoy!

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