Breakfast Smoothies: Worth Getting Up For


Let’s face it: breakfast can be a battle. Unfortunately, coffee just isn’t enough.

On the weekend it’s easy, there’s time and more resources. Be it a leisurely dunking of bread in egg for French toast or a quick trip to the nearest brunch hot spot, the weekend makes breakfast feel more, well, possible. Sadly, the work or school day is the day that we need the most fuel, and we need it the fastest. Light, nutritious, easy, convenient, we ask a lot of breakfast, and in turn, if we can get it right, we’re rewarded with better physical and cognitive function throughout the morning without pangs of hunger or fatigue.

To ensure a great breakfast we have to do two things: make time and make good choices. As appealing as the drive through is for a fast, hot, questionable-at-best breakfast “sandwich” it likely shouldn’t be your default setting first thing in the morning. Likewise, you don’t need to get up an hour earlier than otherwise needed to make yourself a world class weekend style breakfast complete with fresh squeezed juice and bread you baked yourself. This is why so many people, myself included, have turned to drinkable breakfasts starring the smoothie. If you have a juicer and you like to juice, then take that route, but if you have a plain old blender, some basic ingredients and about 3 minutes, you can have a cold, tasty smoothie pouring into your travel mug before the morning news can even report the weather.

For me, as much as I know they are so good for you, I just can’t get into vegetables for breakfast, so I personally don’t add handfuls of spinach to my smoothies, or imbue them with other varieties of greens, though you certainly could. As reward for even making the effort to have breakfast, I can forgive the fact that these creamy concoctions look and taste like milk shakes, only more wholesome. I’m a big fan of protein in the morning, so I try to include at least a small blast of protein in each smoothie. In the recipes below the peanut butter, oats and cottage cheese help you fill up and give you some real fuel, while the milk (or soy or almond milk) and fruit make the whole thing go down easily. Each of these recipes requires the same method: combine the ingredients and blitz in a blender. It couldn’t be easier! Happy sipping!

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