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Tea Advent Calendar from Adagio Teas

I love tea – that may not be a secret. I’m not at the almost obsessive level of love of tea like my husband (he has upwards of 300 teas, some over 25 years old and from many parts of the world) but I do love a good cuppa. I used to be a staunch purist drinking only the Twinings Earl Grey I was raised on but my tea tastes have broadened and while I may not be the ultimate connoiseur, I am indeed an enthusiastic fan. When Adagio Teas reached out about working together I jumped at the chance to learn about a new tea brand and I was ecstatic that they had a Tea Advent Calendar. What better way to discover a new selection of tea than a different cup each day? 


Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

copper mug of hot chocolate with a gingerbread man cookie cutter beside it I love The Holidays. This is my favourite time of year for so many reasons. I know that it is fraught with issues (like good old commercialism, etc.) but I love the sparkle and coziness of our winter months. I love gift giving and I love the food that all the world’s celebrations and festivals bring to light. For the most part, I’m a traditionalist. I celebrate secular Christmas and the treats are fairly typical but one less obvious or traditional flavour combination I adore is chocolate and gingerbread together. A few years ago I worked out a recipe for Chocolate Gingerbread Crackles after seeing a recipe for a chocolate gingerbread cake by Nigella. So when the team at Moscow Muled reached out with a pair of their copper mugs I was so excited to make a festive drink for the season. I pondered doing a twist on the traditional mule (vodka, lime, gingerbeer) but I knew these beautiful copper mugs (which feature in our Gift Guide) would be perfect for a very special hot chocolate.

Before I get to the ridiculously easy recipe for this Gingerbread Hot Chocolate, let me tell you more about these gorgeous cups. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica of Moscow Muled and it was delightful to hear so much passion and energy coming from a spirited entrepreneur. Moscow Muled copper mugs are 100% copper, hand made, and from my beloved hometown of Vancouver, Canada. Moscow Mule style cups are hot right now and they are easy to find in stores and online, but if you are in the market for them for yourself or as Holiday gifts for the foodies and entertainers on your list, I really do recommend you connect with Moscow Muled and buy their mugs. The quality is absolutely gorgeous and they are head and shoulders better than the ones I bought a few years ago (Moscow Mules are a great tipple to sip while you wrap gifts, I find). On top of being well made and beautiful in hand, these mugs are all for a good cause! Moscow Muled donates 15% of all profits to multiple non-profit organizations committed to preventing and stopping impaired driving – a really worthy cause and one that is extra important during the holidays when people are indulging and out on the town. Why not get a pair of these gorgeous copper mugs for yourself or someone on your gift list?  (more…)

Extra Cherry Old Fashioned

a classic old fashioned cocktail

The weather has taken a turn for the worse – rather cold and snowy but with beautiful, bright skies, so I suppose I can’t complain. When it gets like this, when winter really starts to settles in, I find that I am drawn to warming drinks. I almost always have a coffee in my hand, and tea is my usual midday or early evening go-to beverage. But if things are more celebratory, or more dire, it can be nice to imbibe the warming spirit of, well, spirits. (more…)

Bourbon Cocktail Cherries

Quick Bourbon CherriesI’m not a big drinker, (despite the numerous cocktail recipes on this blog). When it comes to cocktails, I’m often just as enamored by the garnish as I am the drink. Martini? I’ll take 6 olives. A Gibson? Gimme all the little onions. An Old Fashioned? Just leave me the jar of Maraschino cherries. Yes, you read that right. I love those artificially red, sugar soaked fake flavoured cherries in the glowing red syrup. I know they are probably pure poison but they are so cheery and classic and they make that last sip of a cold drink so perfect. What could be better? Honestly, these Bourbon Cocktail Cherries out do the store bought kind every time. They aren’t glowingly red, their syrup isn’t painfully sweet, and their flavour is much more complex. Drowned in Bourbon and aromatics, they are packed with a punch that will stand up to the deepest of brown liquors, as well as a fruitiness that is most welcome. (more…)

Tropical Green Smoothie

Summer is by far my favorite season to cook in. Everything is fresh and vibrant and in turn it makes us feel fresh and vibrant too. We just moved house to a beautiful riverside condo and it’s making it easy to get up in the morning and hit the day running. Our views are blue and green and there’s lots to explore and discover. In the early mornings I’ve been watching herons cruising above the river and wading at its edges in the reeds. They are magnificently prehistoric and look almost out of place in these northern climes as if they should be living a lush, tropical lifestyle like an ancient pterodactyl. Don’t we all want a lush tropical lifestyle? Well, the sun is shining and this Tropical Green Smoothie will help get your tastebuds a bit closer to the equator. Happy sipping!

Tropical Green Smoothie 

1/4 C frozen pineapple
1/4 C frozen mango
2 handfuls fresh spinach
1 banana
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 cup coconut milk (I use Silk Coconut)
3 dates

Blend well in blender until smooth. Serves 2

*tip – leftover smoothie freezes well in an ice cube tray for next time. Just add a few cubes to the blender, top with cold liquid of your choosing and blend.