Grilled Cheese with Walnuts and Spinach

Some things just deserve the adjective “classic”. The iconic ‘little black dress’ that almost every woman owns and feels fabulous in, an ice cold gin martini (shaken, not stirred) and Stairway to Heaven (on vinyl, loud enough to wake the neighbours) all come to mind. If you think of edible things (beyond the martini) a grilled cheese sandwich certainly fits onto that list too.

Some might say that ‘the classics’ shouldn’t be altered or updated. I think that’s all a matter of taste. This sandwich, for instance, is far from the classic grilled cheese. But what defines ‘classic’? I happen to know a few individuals who will tell you that the best, most ‘classic’ grilled cheese sandwiches are made with processed cheese slices. I am not one of them.

Since it’s all subjective, you may as well keep things interesting. This crazy sandwich certainly accomplishes that! The inspiration/recipe came from my Uncle Rick, who read about it in a magazine (not sure which one) and was interpreted for dinner recently by my Aunt April.  What makes it so good? So different? A few small tweaks and additions, but primarily the addition of ….walnuts!

Think about it: Nuts and cheese are great together. So are bread and cheese. So are spinach and walnuts. So are cheese and spinach. Theoretically, all these things should be fantastic together. It’s a no brainer.

I’m not going to walk you through a grilled cheese sandwich tutorial, but I will leave you with a few hints:

  • Don’t butter the outside of the bread, go for broke and use mayonnaise instead.
  • Toast the walnuts in a dry frying pan and chop them coarsely.
  • Put cheese on both sides and let it melt, open faced
  • Press the walnuts into both cheesey surfaces
  • Sandwich fresh spinach in the middle while the cheese and nuts are still hot so the spinach wilts
  • Don’t limit yourself to cheddar — get creative
  • Use a good grainy bread

So get out a pan, crank the Led Zeppelin and enjoy!

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