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Dinner Salads

There was a short period of time in my life where my nickname was Salad. Well, it was usually pronounced “Sallllaaaaaaaaaaad!” and it was really only one person, my boss at the time, who called me that (does that even count as a legitimate nickname?). Anyway, he called me that because I always had salads for lunch. Now, before you mistake me for some sort of health nut, pause and consider how wide a term ‘salad’ really is. It has come to mean so many things in so many applications; essentially if you have a bunch of edible stuff and you mix it together you have a salad, so my salads, like many salads, were not always a barometer of flawless nutrition. That aside, I am a fan of salads in part because they are often so veggie-centric and I do love virtually all vegetables, but I love them more because I like variety. (more…)