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Chorizo, Kale and White Bean Soup


… and just like that, it’s the New Year. Amazing how time flies, isn’t it? Even harder for me to believe is that later this month this blog will have it’s third birthday! What an experience it’s been. I know I’ve said it before, but really, I can’t say it enough: thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope you enjoy these posts even a fraction of how much I enjoy making them.

Since it’s the new year, I decided to make some blog-centric resolutions:

1) More variety of recipes!

2) Branch out, away from just recipes, while maintaining the integrity of a recipe blog

3) More posts, more often

4) More collaboration and guest bloggers

One thing that I hear from people after they have commented on the blog and said nice things about it is “I didn’t realize you were a vegetarian?”

Ummm, I’m not. Not even close.  (more…)