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Lentil Salad

As soon as spring strikes, I start to think about summer. I begin to look forward to the smell of sunscreen on hot skin, evenings filled with the smells of barbeques and fresh cut grass, the quenching tartness of my favourite lemonade and the sense of freedom that comes with the summer months. Between now and then there are a multitude of sensory delights that come with spring that should not be overlooked: local strawberries, longer evenings, cherry blossoms, getting our hands in the warm soil of the garden – the experiences are endless.  (more…)

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

In my day job (and I use that term affectionately, I love what I do) I meet a lot of people. I recruit and place people in jobs they want with a company that is easy to love and easy to be loyal to. I read a lot of résumés, I make a lot of phone calls, I meet a lot of people and through it all I ask them a multitude of questions to figure out ‘who they are’ and why or why not they might be ‘a good fit’ for our company’s culture. I could (and do) ask many things in many ways to ascertain this information – I put them through “what if” scenarios, ask for specific examples of the behaviour and processes, all the while tapping into a reasonable prediction of what their experience and personality will bring to the table. What I have learned over the years is that all of those questions work – interviews are nothing if not somewhat formulaic – but if you really want to learn about someone ask them what they are passionate about.