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Carrot Cake Waffles with Caramelized Pears

Let’s do lunch. No, better yet, let’s do brunch.

Whoever came up with brunch and made it ‘a thing’, was a genius.

It’s the perfect meal because it perfectly balances the much needed slow-start on a weekend morning with the rigors of being social. It forces you up and out of bed, but too early, and it’s a fairly finite commitment – your afternoon almost always asks other things of you – and if it doesn’t pour yourself another mimosa and get back to chatting. Going out for brunch is the epitome of weekend luxury, but it’s nearly as easy to do it at home – whether it’s just you, brunch for two, a family affair, or you have friends come by, it’s a low key way to entertain and since no one expects much of you before noon on the weekends, you can stay in your slippers and ease your way into the day. (more…)