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Smoked Tomato Caesars



I’m such a sucker for smoked foods. Nuts, cheese, meat, fish, if it’s been cooked over fire or better yet treated to a woodsmoke sauna and fully indoctrinated with smoky goodness, I want to eat it. So you might imagine my joy when my friend Andrew started Wholly Smoked and started churning out amazing small batch smoked foods for friends, family and (more…)

Summer Hits – a recipe round up

Scroll through a few favorites from summers past … enjoy! (more…)

Cream of Tomato Soup with Savory Scallion Biscuits


Double recipe post! Why not?

I was feeling nostalgic and needing an excuse to make a batch of biscuits the way my mom used to: all in one blob on the pan, cut into mismatched rectangles when they came out of the oven, not too buttery but so much better with soup than bread or crackers. So what did I do? I made soup.  (more…)

Getting out of Town & A Summer Recipe Roundup

In a few hours the car will be packed with coolers and beach chairs, the bocce set, a frisbee and the biggest watermelon I have ever brought home from the market. We will drive north, ride a ferry, and then drive north again. It will be after dark when we turn off the highway and cruise through a dozey little town, turning off the main drag and ascending up just off the water’s edge into the trees before we stop the car and un-pack at the once RV, now extended permanent structure – a freak of architectural and design standards, it can only be described as part trailer, part cabin. It is known in our family as The Trabin.

There will be a cool beer as we unpack groceries and bedding, making up beds and getting settled. Perhaps a game of cards, or a board game before bed. No cell phones, no TV, no worries. The Trabin is not a place for checking your work email. It is not the place for stress or strife. It’s the place for long lazy breakfasts, afternoon naps in dappled sunlight beneath a tree, long walks by the water, or strolls through the salt marsh to see the family of local beavers. It’s a place where sloth is encouraged and vices are forgiven, where you can wear just your bathing suit and sleep until 11. Stay up late and drink whiskey, playing solitaire ’til dawn. Make pancakes for a crowd and not do the dishes until later when you’re sun-baked and deliriously happy from a day at the beach. Anything goes. This is summer living. The Trabin is a treat. It’s really only comfortable from April to October so you have to squeeze in weekends and some more extended stays when you can. It’s rustic and fabulous – a true oasis where nothing need be difficult, and everything should be fun.

Since there are still some hours in the work week, not to mention packing and preparing for our little weekend away, I’m leaving you not with a new, original recipe but with a round up of some of my favourite summer recipes from the archives. I’ve chosen a favourite drink so you can cool down with this refreshing take on classic lemonade, an easy salsa – just add your favourite tortilla chips , a bright, crunchy salad and a satisfying main and, a decadent no bake dessert that I can’t believe I almost forgot about.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the recipes, take care of each other and I’ll be back soon!

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Corn and Black Bean Salsa


Here on Feasts for All Seasons we’ve talked before about the transformational nature of food, how it can take you places, and how sometimes all it takes are the colours on a plate, the smell of a forgotten memory or the taste of something to send your mind and senses reeling. Sometimes that ability to move you is sought purely for comfort. A re-creation of a family recipe can take you back to childhood, to happiness, or innocence. If the first time you ate chocolate mousse it was spoon fed to you by the love of your life over whispered conversation and candlelight, it is unlikely that you will ever taste it again without recalling those memories. What a gift that is! Consider for a moment that not only do the things we eat nourish our bodies, they nourish our hearts. They take on meaning and resonance, they serve as markers in time that we can chart our lives and loves and memories by. But smells and tastes don’t always just take us to what we know. Sometimes they can take us to where we have never been.

I have never been south of Wyoming, well, except for Hawai’i. I’m not really a traveler at heart, I prefer the comfort and consistency of home and I have not ventured all that far afield. The beauty of living in a city like Vancouver is that so much of the world is available here, especially in culinary form. Despite my homebody nature, I have a bit of a longing to see Central and South America, meet the people and experience their cultures. Without a doubt, and I think you will agree, cultures are so often defined not just by their borders and languages, but by what their people eat. If we agree on that, and we extrapolate out from that idea, then how could cultures that make something as delicious, simple and fresh as salsa be anything but wonderful? I know, I know, salsa is a generic term that encompasses so many variations and permutations and the Latin world is not the only part of the globe that quickly tosses together ingredients and serves them with multiple dishes. The combinations are endless! But when you combine the sweet acidity of tomatoes with the heat of onion, the fresh floral herbaceous note of cilantro and the zing of a lime you just can’t go wrong. Maybe it’s the colours, or the bright freshness, maybe it’s both the familiarity and exoticness that is exciting, but whether it’s scooped up on a crisp chip or spooned over grilled fish, a good, fresh salsa can take me places. Perhaps one day I’ll take that flight and arrive somewhere warm and far, far away where the people are friendly, the food is bright and fresh and the beer is cold. Until that jet sets down and I step out into that balmy, distant fantasy, I’ll have to settle for what is within arm’s length and make the most of it.

Corn and Black Bean Salsa

8 small or 4 large very ripe tomatoes, chopped finely

1/2 a white onion, minced

3/4 cup corn kernels (fresh is ideal, but frozen will do)

3/4 cup cooked black beans (if using them from a can, rinse them well)

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

1 jalapeño or other hot fresh pepper, minced

juice of 1 lime

zest of 1/2 a lime

pinch of salt

Just combine ingredients and serve!