I had big plans for a Thanksgiving post. Big, big plans. But then it occurred to me: I’ll be making it on Thanksgiving, and by the time it gets posted … Thanksgiving will be over. Not helpful at all. Then I had the bright idea that I could photograph all the processes of all the dishes and then use them as material for Christmas, since the meal is essentially the same in our house. That started out alright … But then there was a crisis. As I began cooking, I realized that our fridge was completely dead and that everything in it was defrosted, almost room temperature and the fridge itself was blowing warm air and leaking coolant, which was pooling beneath the crisper.

Of all the days! We were expecting a small handful of friends for dinner. All I can say is thank god the turkey had been stored elsewhere.


So, the fridge was emptied. What a waste! But then there was the question of getting a new fridge. Where? How much to spend, how would we get it home? The planets were well aligned, let me tell you, for within 5 mins of scrolling through craigslist, I found an ad for a black (ooh la la!) Maytag fridge in perfect working order. “Must sell” for $50. How is that possible? What is wrong with it? But I was in a panic, so I called. Turns out, they were only getting rid of it because they had a new one on the way, and only had a new one because they wanted stainless steel to match their other appliances. She assured me it was in perfect working order and impeccably clean and that the price was only indicative of how quickly they needed it gone. I promised her we’d be there within the hour. And by we, I meant Rob and as many burly friends as he could round up. Frantic calls were made, a friend with a van volunteered, so did another guy, and within minutes they were on their way to rent a furniture dolly and get us a new fridge.

I kept cooking. But considering the adrenaline of the whole fridge situation, I dropped the photographing and didn’t get much in the way of pictures.

In a couple hours, they returned, fridge in tow.  It fit perfectly where our old fridge was. It’s huge inside! And she was right, it was perfectly clean and all its parts worked wonderfully. We plugged it in, and ahhhhhhhh cold air. Thanksgiving was saved.

In the big picture, this was not a real crisis. No one lost a limb, all order was restored at very little cost and effort, and dinner went off without a hitch. A situation that started as a meltdown came full circle and in many ways reminded us of all we have to be thankful for. If your fridge giving out is all you have to worry about in the day, your life must be pretty good. If nothing else, this gives us another story to share at future Thanksgivings, and that alone is something to be thankful for.

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