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About FFAS

Hello and welcome to Feasts for All Seasons!

I’m Sarah and I’m a self-taught home cook. I love cooking for people and I’m all about sharing delicious recipes, inspiring photos and the way that food and storytelling bring people together.

I have always loved cooking, writing and making things, so this blog came together as a natural culmination of those passions. I have never worked in restaurants, never aspired to be a chef, nor have I taken any cooking courses. I have learned by osmosis in a family of great cooks, a lineage of comfort food experts, and by sharing, staying curious and trying new things.

When I talk about cooking, or when someone asks about Feasts for All Seasons, I hear back quite often “Oh, I could never do that! I can’t cook!” but I really believe you can. The recipes shared here are simple and delicious and meant to inspire you to share some time and energy with the people you love, breaking bread, as they say, and slowing down enough to enjoy what is in front of you.

In the Recipe Index you’ll find lots of veg-forward recipes and lots of desserts, because: balance. Ha! This is not a health blog, but it’s also not fully dedicated to splurging either. As the name indicates, there are feasts for all seasons, time for all sorts of things, from quick breakfasts to slow roasted dinners, to snacks and celebration cakes. I’m not here to tell you how or what to eat, I’m here to share a passion for cooking and food photos that will make you want to dust off the apron and roll up your sleeves.

Cooking is fun. Cooking is creative. Cooking is Love.

Thank you for joining me here,





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