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BLT with Avocado

I’m of the mind that adding avocado to whatever you’re eating is almost always a good idea. Maybe not on a banana split, or layered into a birthday cake, but salads, and obviously sandwiches are virtually always improved by a few creamy slices or scooped out curls of avocado.

Seriously, who doesn’t LOVE avocado?

The BLT, arguably one of the best and most popular sandwiches ever, is definitely not hindered by adding an A to it’s monogram.

As I see it, it’s summer here and that means it’s hot and cooking in general becomes a bit more labor intensive because no one wants to be in the kitchen at the stove, yet families still need to eat, ours included. At our house we make a lot of ” make your own ______” dinners. Make your own pizza, burritos, charcuterie and crudites (aka Deli Daze) and fish tacos are all a perennial DIY favorites, but really any thing that you get to jazz up yourself with a variety of fixings is guaranteed fun, plus everyone gets what they want.

BLTs just got added to that list.

Toast and butter enough bread for everyone, slice up tomatoes and avocados, un-click a head’s worth of crisp romaine lettuce leaves, put out a few condiments and bring a plate of crisp bacon to the table and watch everyone get excited.

Of course you can add cheese or chicken, shrimp would be amazing. Change up the bread, add another couple veggies, peppers or cucumber would be great. Or focus on some amazing spreads like pesto, hummus or different mustards. There are no rules! Just an easy, crowd pleasing meal that is literally, no sweat. But even if you don’t branch out that far, a BLT with avocado is a dream dinner waiting to happen. Enjoy!

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