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Cinnamon Espresso Oats

Cinnamon Espresso Oats

In my world breakfast doesn’t begin until coffee is present and accounted for. More often than not it’s thick, black espresso, lovingly nicknamed “jet fuel” made on the stove top in an old fashioned percolator. If I’m not at home, it’s a coffee shop Americano, but either way I want it to be strong, dark and bold. I don’t add cream or sugar to my coffee, but I do enjoy coffee in sweets like my Coffee and Cream Cake or warm coffee over vanilla bean ice cream for a classic affogato. Bittersweet is a flavor profile I really love. Coffee and cinnamon both fall into this category and I find them quite remarkable together, so these Cinnamon Espresso Oats were a somewhat obvious breakfast hybrid for me. They are simple to prepare – this is barely a recipe – but they make up for it in the complexity of their nuanced flavor. I’ve dressed them up here with some creamy slices of banana and crunchy green pumpkin seeds because I find oats to be at their best when they are part of a textural landscape with a variety of things going on. All alone they can be a bit, well, stodgy, but add a crunchy crisp something or a soft fruit and they get infinitely more exciting.


Cinnamon Espresso Oats

This makes enough for one but can be multiplied as needed

1/4 Cup organic quick rolled oats

1 Tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon*

1/2 Cup espresso

1/4 Cup water

Combine all ingredients in a small pot and cook over medium heat until the oats are softened and thickened. Garnish with fruit, nuts, seeds, and milk or the milk substitute of your choice. Serve hot, immediately.


*feel free to use a pumpkin pie spice blend here instead

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