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Fish Tacos with Pineapple Salsa


It’s not even the middle of May and it was 25 Celsius here yesterday. When it’s warm and bright like that I want to eat dinner in the back yard, with a great cocktail or a cold beer, and let the day just fade away into the evening. Something easy, fresh, bright, lime wedges doing double duty in glasses and on plates. Laughter, sunset, the din of the city as it cools and slows down again for another balmy night; this is the landscape of perfect summer cooking and eating. But what to make?
Easy: fish tacos!


Fresh fish and veggies with spicy creamy sauce with generous drizzles of lime make for an amazing meal but what really does it is the salsa. If you don’t have pineapple substitute in mango! Or a bit of both! It’s easy, tropical and so perfectly flavorful against the fresh plainness of the fish and avocado. The salsa also keeps for at least a few days in a jar in the fridge. Try it on chicken!


Fish Tacos with Pinapple Salsa

makes enough for 4 hungry people

2 lb fish of your choice (our faves are wild salmon, cod or halibut)
2 avocados, pitted and cubed
2 cups shredded cabbage (cut yourself a break and use a bag of pre cut coleslaw mix)
1 fresh pineapple, cored and peeled
1 small red onion, minced
1 jalapeño, minced
1 lime, zed red and juiced
1/2 cup loosely packed cilantro, chopped
8 whole wheat tortillas (or corn or white, whatever you prefer)

Make the salsa by combining the minced pineapple, onion, jalapeño and cilantro. Add the juice and zest from the line. Allow to sit while you cook the fish and assemble your tacos.

Grill or fry the fish until just cooked. Flake with a fork into bite sized pieces.
Assemble your tacos by filling your tortilla with fish, avocado and cabbage. Top with salsa and Baja Sauce.

Baja Sauce
3/4 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp your fave hot sauce (or to taste)
1 clove fresh garlic, grated
1Tbsp minced cilantro
Juice of a lime

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