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Hollandaise Sauce (and Salmon Eggs Benedict)

We’ve talked before about how poorly I keep journals? How I have great intentions and find fresh stationery thrilling, but never follow through? Yeah, seems that I’m the same way with keeping a calendar too. When I’m at work, I live and die by my calendar – I am almost always early for meetings and I faithfully record everything so I’m on time, well prepared and everything is accounted for. As soon as I leave the office, all that goes out the window. Somehow I have managed to be a busy person with lots of ideas, places to be, people to see, all by essentially winging it. How is it possible that I’m ever in the right place at the right time? And possibly more important: What does this have to do with Hollandaise Sauce (and Salmon Eggs Benedict)?

The long and the short of it is that I found a great calendar app that I like to use, dare I say, I maybe even enjoy using it! I’ve been putting everything into it and it’s making things simpler. It’s also drawn attention to the fact that all my weekends from here through the end of the year are basically booked with at least one event or plan. Then there’s the usual slew of appointments, family get-togethers, deadlines and goals. I’ve even started scheduling and planning so that blogging is more planned out and better organized.

But back to the fact that time is fleeting and my calendar proves it.

One snippet of advice, to myself and to you as you read this: you’ve got to make time for yourself to slow down and enjoy the time you have while you have it.

Perhaps a lunch with friends? Hold on, let me pencil that in …

If you’ve never made Hollandaise Sauce or Eggs Benedict, never fear. It’s pretty painless as long as you are well prepared, you have stretched and flexed your whisking muscles and you have everything you need close at hand. Admittedly, at our house it’s not usually me who is orchestrating and delivering this dish.

But not because it’s difficult.

Because if I have a free weekend day at brunch/lunch time, I’m likely still in PJs, nursing a coffee and glued to Pinterest.

Honestly, if there’s a will there’s a way. And butter helps too …

To assemble your Salmon Benny, split and toast an English muffin (or make your own), butter it and top it with smoked salmon lox. Top that with a perfectly poached egg and a dollop of Hollandaise Sauce. Dig in!


Hollandaise Sauce

1 Tbsp cold butter

1/3 C butter, melted

4 egg yolks

2 Tbsp cold water

1 Tbsp lemon juice

salt and pepper, to taste

Melt the butter, reserving the 1 Tbsp of cold butter. Set aside.

In a heatproof bowl, whisk the egg yolks and cold water until they are loose and frothy. Add the lemon juice. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering, not boiling water (to make a double boiler). Whisk continuously as the egg yolks cook, gently. You will know it is done when you lift your whisk and can draw a line with the ribbon of egg falling from it. Remove the bowl from the heat and add the cold butter to stop the cooking, whisking swiftly as it melts. Slowly drizzle in the melted butter, whisking continuously until all the butter is incorporated and it is a smooth emulsified sauce. Taste it and if it needs a bit more zing, whisk in more lemon juice, a few drops at a time. taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly. Serve immediately.


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