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Rolled Turkey Breast with Sausage and Mushrooms

Rolled Turkey Breast with Sausage and Mushrooms

I really, really love Fall. It’s my favourite. I love the crispness in the air, the changing leaves and the cooler, darker weather with the promise of the holidays and then shortly after, spring. Mostly though, I love cooking in the fall. I love the […]

Juniper Lamb

My Dad told me recently that my stepmother has taken up a new strategy when it comes to entertaining and having friends over: she doesn’t tell him until the day of the dinner and springs it on him without warning. If you knew my Dad […]

Yogurt Marinated Chicken

Lately we have found that the most economical way to buy quality fresh chicken is to buy the whole bird and break it down ourselves. (By “ourselves”, I mean Rob. He is a whiz with most butchery and given the chance will regale you with tales of […]

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