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Summer Garden Pasta

Summer Garden Pasta

  This is a great late-summer quick dinner – loads of veggies and whole wheat pasta to fuel you but not weigh you down – plus a little bit of fiction just to keep things interesting! As far west as we could see, beyond the […]

Bacon Wrapped Tomatoes

I cannot wait until our tomatoes in the garden are ripe. When they are, there will be more than we can eat, more than enough to give away and tomatoes on our plate almost every night of the week. Until then, I’ll settle for the […]

Roasted Vegetable Gazpacho

The passionate cooking style of the Mediterranean is a favourite of mine. There’s something about the rustic, yet refined combinations of fresh ingredients that speaks to a certain pace of life and spirit of people. I admire the gusto of Mediterranean cooking, but more than the […]

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