Terms of use
1. General provisions 1.1. The use of the service by the User is governed by these Terms, which are a legally binding agreement between the User and the Service. 1.2. When using the Service or its individual functions, the User is considered to have accepted these Terms, as well as the conditions of the documents indicated in paragraph. 1.3 and 1.4. these conditions, in full, without any reservations or exceptions. If the User does not agree with any of the provisions of these Terms, the User is not entitled to use the Service. 1.3. Relations related to the registration and authorization of the User, the functioning of the User account are regulated additionally by the document. 1.4. Relationships related to the processing of information necessary for the provision of the Service, as well as information that the User provides about himself independently with additional registration or in the process of using the Service is regulated by the Privacy Policy. 2. Use of the Service and its individual functions 2.1. The service is available to Users who have the legal capacity to accept these Terms and have reached the required age necessary to use the Service in accordance with the legislation of the country of citizenship or the place of residence of the User. 2.2. The Service has the right, at its discretion, to block or delete the User’s account or restrict the User’s access to the Service (or to certain functions of the Service) in case of repeated violation of these Terms, or apply other measures to the User in order to comply with the requirements of the law or the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. 2.3. Links lead to web pages or Internet sites created by third parties. The service does not bear any responsibility for the quality of such web pages or sites, as well as for content posted on such web pages or sites. Indexing is done automatically by the search engine of the Service in accordance with certain algorithms, which does not imply a preliminary or subsequent assessment of the content of the pages of websites (moderation) for its compliance with the norms of legislation, ethics or morality, as well as other censorship. The service is also not responsible for the availability / absence, content and quality of any offers on the provision of services, the acquisition of goods, etc.d.which may be available to the User on third-party websites indexed by the Service, as well as for any kind of loss that the User may incur by using such offers. 2.5. The user acknowledges and agrees, that the Service is not required to view User Information, posted by the User on the Service, as well as that, that the Service has the right (but not an obligation) at its discretion, refuse the User to place and / or distribute User Information to them, or delete any User Information, posted by the User on the Service, including when receiving notification from any state body about that, that User information may violate applicable law. 2.6. When using the Service, the User is not entitled to post and distribute, including the following User Information: 2.6.1. being illegal, malicious, slanderous, purposefully misleading, insulting morality, demonstrating (or being propaganda) violence and cruelty, promoting hatred and / or discrimination of people on racial grounds, ethnic, to the floor, religious, social signs, containing insults to any persons or organizations, containing elements (or being propaganda) pornography, baby erotica, representing advertising (or being propaganda) sexual services (including under the guise of other services) explaining the manufacturing procedure, use or other use of narcotic substances or their analogues, explosives or other weapons; 2.6.2. violating copyrights, trademark rights, means of individualization and / or rights to other intellectual property owned by third parties; 2.6.3. containing spam (including search), lists of other people's email addresses, “pyramid” schemes, multi-level (network) marketing (MLM), Internet development systems and e-mail business, “letter of happiness” ; 2.6.4. containing illegally obtained information about third parties; 2.6.5. violating the requirements of advertising law and / or competition law ; 2.6.6. containing computer viruses or other computer codes, files or programs, intended for violation, modifications, blocking the destruction or limitation of the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment, or containing programs for unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers for commercial software products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means to obtain unauthorized access to the Site, as well as paid resources on the Internet; 2.7. The service provides an authorized User with the ability to view and configure a personal page with information about the User and its activity in the Service (hereinafter - the Public User Profile). The public profile of the User may contain a photo profile and the name of the User, as well as (based on the settings specified by the User) information about the interests of the User, available subscriptions and friends, activity (placed comments, User information, ratings, etc.d.) in the Service. 2.8. When placing advertising information as part of User Information, the User undertakes: 2.8.1. indicate the advertising nature of such information in the manner determined by the Service, or by specifically designating such information in any way available to the User as advertising; 2.8.2. bear all responsibility for compliance with the legislation on advertising, the legislation on the protection of competition, when posting advertising information as part of the User Information ; 2.8.3. to bring to the public all information provided for by the legislation on advertising about the object of advertising, including, but not limited to, age marks, warnings, designation of persons (a) providing relevant services. 2.9. If User information posted by the User meets the criteria established by the Service for the number of views of such information, the Service has the right (but is not required) to invite the User to conclude a separate agreement aimed at placing advertising materials of the Service and / or third parties in or near the User information. The service, at its discretion, determines the conditions described above that the User must fulfill to conclude the above agreement. 2.10. The service does not guarantee and does not bear any responsibility for the continuity and uninterrupted availability of the Service. The user realizes that the availability of the Service largely depends on the Internet connection, computer, mobile phone or other devices of the User, as well as on the tariff selected by the User for accessing the Internet. 2.11. The user agrees to use the Service exclusively for the purposes specified in these conditions. 2.12. The user has no right to perform actions, which may lead to a violation or malfunction of the Service, as well as any actions, aimed at circumventing restrictions, installed by the service, including actions, aimed at increasing the number of views of User Information, including the use of any automatic methods for playing impressions and clicks (multiple clicks, use of agent programs, etc.), but not limited to the specified. In order to avoid doubts, if the User impedes the normal functioning of the Service, Yandex is not responsible for any failures in the Service caused by such interference. 2.13. The User is independently responsible for compliance with any applicable law when using the Service, including both Swiss law and the legislation of the seat of the User or the place of his legally significant actions in accordance with these Terms. If the User’s use of any opportunity provided by the Service violates applicable law, the User agrees to refrain from using the Service. 2.14. The User accepts and agrees that all copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights, trade secret rights and other intellectual property rights in relation to the Service belong to the Service and / or other copyright holders. In order to avoid doubts, using the Service, the User does not acquire any rights with respect to the intellectual property of the Service, with the exception of the rights to use this intellectual property, which are minimally necessary for the User to use the Service in accordance with these Terms. For Users who have passed additional registration and post User information, the function of sending and receiving messages by default is disabled. If necessary, the User can connect such a function in the settings of the personal page in the Service. 3. Modification and termination of the Terms 3.1. These Terms are subject to change by the Service at any time. A new version of the Terms will be posted on the Internet at the address specified in this paragraph. Continuing to use the Service, the User is considered to have agreed to the new version of the Terms. If the User does not agree with the new version of the Terms, he is obliged to stop using the Service. 3.2. The Service may terminate these Terms in case of violation by the User of these Terms, or if the Service ceases the User’s access to the Service in accordance with paragraph 2.2 of these Terms. 3.3. The user can stop using the Service at any time. If the User stops using the Service, the Service may continue to process the User Information in accordance with the conditions stipulated by the Privacy Policy.