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Cinnamon Espresso Oats

Cinnamon Espresso Oats

In my world breakfast doesn’t begin until coffee is present and accounted for. More often than not it’s thick, black espresso, lovingly nicknamed “jet fuel” made on the stove top in an old fashioned percolator. If I’m not at home, it’s a coffee shop Americano, […]

French Onion Soup

I have read and heard French onion soup referred to recently as a “French bistro classic”, which I presume it is. Having never been to France, I will have to take that description at face value, however, I can easily imagine tucking into a bowl […]

Yams with Maple and Ginger

The humble yam. There isn’t much to say about a yam. It is one of those vegetables that serves it’s utilitarian nutritional purpose but doesn’t exactly cry out for applause. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of yams that compels so many people to mash and whip them within […]

Chocolate Marzipan Bread Pudding

Since this will be my first Christmas on Feasts for All Seasons I have been thinking on how to go about sharing holiday foods with you through stories and recipes. It seems that, to be most effective, I need to post things well in advance […]

Turkey Soup

Maybe it’s my rural roots, but despite living in the city, fall is all about harvest for me. There is something so inherently comforting about the abundance and the coziness of being indoors as the weather cools, and enjoying the crispness of the air, the […]

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